Property Management Service

Take the stress out of rental property!

It’s 2am and your phone is ringing.  You groggily answer the phone.  It’s your tenant, and they are hysterical – there’s a major plumbing leak in their basement and beginning to flood.

You’re enjoying an amazing meal with your family on vacation.  A text message arrives from a tenant asking if it’s okay to pay rent late this month because they had an unexpected vehicle repair.

You’re presenting a proposal to a client, but that vacant apartment eating away at your cash flow is the only thing you can think about.  Will it rent by next month?

Do any of these stories sound familiar?

Realty Edge, Inc. offers turnkey property management solutions, which can be tailored to fit the needs of any investor.  Our clients choose to use a property manager for a variety of reasons. As a portfolio grows, it may become too cumbersome for an investor to manage themselves.

Our licensed staff can alleviate the stresses associated with owning income property.  We have systems in place to handle everything from day to day operations, to maintenance, to turnovers, and more.  Realty Edge, Inc. also offers assistance to seasoned investors looking to expand an existing portfolio, as well as educating new investors who are ready to get started building a real estate portfolio.

Tenants will be satisfied knowing that they can get the answers they need when they need them.  And property owners enjoy prompt, investor friendly service including monthly reporting, electronic funds transfers, and more!